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    KT Considine
    PO Box 271325
    West Hartford CT USA 06127-1325


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  • Cost of the book: $10.95 USD **SPECIAL LOWER PRICE $8.95 each or TWO for $12.95 **
    Why does the book cost so much more than other children's books?

    Several reasons attribute to the higher cost:

    1. This is a self published and self funded book, meaning the author had to hire the illustrator directly and also pay for a book designer and print broker, paper, shipping, customs, etc. Quite possiby this book may not ever pay for itself, but the Author believes it has value as a community service to continue to offer this book.

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      • Our online bookstore **SPECIAL LOWER PRICE $8.95 or or TWO for $12.95**
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      • At your local bookstore [ISBN Softcover 1-4134-1600-4]

  • Wholesale Purchase of the book [$10.95 cover price, Non-returnable discount for wholesale purposes is 45%]
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