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This is the first book Kaitlyn Considine has written. After being dismayed with the lack of two mom story books, she decided to write and self-publish one of her own. She lives in West Hartford, Connecticut with her partner of 21 years and their two kids, ages 11& 16. (The State of CT allows same-sex marriages as well as second parent adoptions, so both moms have full legal standing as parent to each child :)

Q & A with Kaitlyn

Q) What lead you to write this book?

A) I often take my children to the bookstore. I'm happy to get a cup of tea and a new book and the children's areas are very appealing to the kids. I was getting frustrated helping my then 3 year old choose picture books. This was especially noticeable during all the big holidays when the stores make lots of special book displays. They all seemed to have "traditional" Mom & Dad family structures depicted. I just didn't want to buy them. We already have lots and lots of those books. We also have all the two mom books that are available. I wanted a fun and whimsical story book that just happened to have 2 moms. It's important for children to see stories that show their types of families. I think this is true for single parent familes, children raised by grandparents, interracial familes, etc. There's a real void in story books for these types of non-traditional families.

Q) What is the story about?

A) It's really a very simple story about a little girl and how she behaves with the family cat. She tries to pick him up, dress him up and play with him like a doll. The story is not about being different or unique, it makes no big deal of the lesbian moms. They just are everyday parents guiding her to be nice to the cat. In this fashion, it celebrates the lesbian mom family as it is, living ordinary lives.

Q) Would you share a photo of your family?

A) Certainly. Here we are at Musee Rodin, Paris in July, 2005:



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